Leopard Halloween Tutorial

Here’s my first Halloween make up tutorial, sorry for the wait! I did this make up around a year ago for a social at university and it went down really well so I’ve recreated it here. Okay, so maybe a leopard isn’t the scariest costume in terms of blood and gore, but these things would totally kill you if they were scared and right in front of you, so there’s that.

1. This look is actually really easy to achieve, with the eyeliner being the only slightly tricky part. To start off, apply your primer and foundation as normal (if you wear any) because you can’t go back and do this afterwards.

2. Fill in your eyebrows however you normally do, but go slightly darker and fuller. I normally use a medium brown shadow from the Collection eyebrow kit but used a Rimmel pencil in 004 ‘black brown’ for these brows. Make them look slightly less naturally than usual – think fierce.

3. To make the leopard’s spots I used a black liquid eyeliner. Again I used a Collection one, because it’s so highly pigmented. Draw several rough ‘C’ shapes at all different angles (eg. so that some of them are more like ‘n’s) along the side of your face and up along your forehead up to about where your eyebrow ends. The C shapes should be slightly rough and wonky – not uniform at all. Make them quite thick and about the size of a 5p, or very slightly bigger.

4. Once you’re happy with the shape, size and number of your spots, it’s time to colour them in. For this I used Urban Decay eye shadow in ‘Underground’ and ‘Shag’ which are metallic brown colours. I then used Urban Decay’s ‘Zero’ which is a dark grey/black colour.
Simply colour in the dent in the ‘C’ shapes, covering slightly less than the whole space with the brown shadows. Using two different shades allows you to make the spots look slightly more 3D, so alternate and blend the two. Be careful not to use too much powder in case it falls down your face.
Next, line back around the edges with the black eyeshadow to make it look slightly fuzzier again. The more messy it is, the more realistic it will look.

(Picture, from top to bottom- Zero, Underground, Shag)

5. For my eye make up I applied the same eye shadows to my lids, (but without Zero) blending the Shag from my inner eyes and the Underground from the outer edges. I then lined my top eyelid with liquid eyeliner, stopping at the corner of my eye and then lined the bottom, starting about 1cm from the inner corner of my eye.
Next go back and extend the line in a smooth motion up towards the edge of your eyebrow and down towards the ridge of your nose. You want the two lines to look as though they would connect through your eye.

6. To finish your eyes apply white powder or face paint – both are good, you want it to be as highly pigmented as possible – down from the corner of your eye towards the start of your bottom eyeliner – it should form a triangle shape. Apply your mascara as usual.

7. Now the hard part is over, simply draw on whiskers by drawing dots with liquid eyeliner in rows up from your mouth towards your ears. Make 2 of these rows on each side of your face.

8. Finally draw a line from the tip of your nose about 1cm down and colour in the very tip of your nose with liquid eyeliner, making sure these lines are as straight as possible.
Spray setting spray or hair spray over your face (with your eyes shut) to keep it all in place.

Now throw on your ears and as much leopard print clothing as you can find! Voila! Let me know what you think and as always feel free to ask any questions in the comments!


Post Freshers’ Week Regrets

Okay so it’s the Sunday after Freshers’ Week and I’m sat in bed cringing about my life.
I’m surrounded by empty wrappers and bottles, have a horrendous cold/cough and am absolutely terrified about checking my bank account.
I’m supposed to be a fourth year?!
I’m not really sure how it happened, I was totally convinced that my MA year would be really chilled out and I’d just be a library hermit but apparently not. While the week has been a blast and it’s been awesome seeing everyone again I have a few mild regrets… (don’t judge me).

1. Eating waaaaay too many cheesey chips. My clothes 100% aren’t going to fit if I keep doing it. The guy that sells them puts ketchup in a heart shape and waves at me when he sees me because he sees me so often. I think I’ve had them at least 3/4 times this week… Oops.

2. Drinking six nights in a row. SIX. After the age of 18 that so shouldn’t be a thing. Maybe a few nights  maybe, but not that many, especially when you’re as much of a light weight as I am.

3. Not washing anything up. Until today – a week after arriving – I hadn’t washed a single thing up. Not one. I was forced to do it all today because I’d literally run out of cutlery. If that isn’t tragic I don’t know what is…

4. Not checking my emails for the whole week – I missed so many important things – who knew induction week meant you actually had to go to things? And read things? And meet people? My bad. I’ll definitely get back to being super email savvy starting now.

5. Not learning how to use the oven – It’s been a whole week now and I still have no idea how to turn the oven on. It’s too embarrassing to ask now. I’ve been spotted walking down the street with a raw pizza and a baking tray (cringe) because even that’s less awkward, though not by much.

And finally my last unofficial regret is how rubbish at blogging and social media I’ve been this week – sorry guys. I’ll get back on schedule now that this hectic week is over.

How was your freshers’ week? Are you empathising or judging my really hard right now? Let me know your thoughts xx

Why I Chose to do a Masters

A lot of people have asked me why I chose to do another year at university, rather than go straight into a graduate job or go travelling or something. I thought it would be helpful to write this post to hopefully help these people (and more) decide whether they themselves want to stay on for another year and do a Masters, or whether they want to graduate into the big bad world. (If anybody wants to know any more practical aspects on doing an MA let me know.)

I love my subject –

The main reason I chose to do my MA is because, as cheesey as it sounds, I genuinely love my subject, History. I love learning new things and discovering new facts and opinions. I knew that if I stayed I would genuinely enjoy what I was doing and could pursue what I wanted to for at least one more year. I also really wanted to write another dissertation because I liked writing the first one so much (even if it was stressful). There’s not a lot of point putting yourself through another year of something that doesn’t make you happy – people will hire you without it.

I wanted to improve my study skills –

I also wanted to get better and better at studying, knowing that an extra year and the chance to write a 20,000 word dissertation would improve my writing, reading and analytical skills even more. Plus, I like a challenge (unless that challenge involves dieting or something).

I wanted to make myself more academically employable –

After achieving a 2.1 in my undergraduate degree I was proud of myself, however knew that a lot of other people also achieved this and so wanted to be able to stand out a bit more by aiming for a high grade in my fourth year too. I’m hoping to work insanely hard and get a distinction, which is the highest possible grade. 
Doing an MA would mean I felt even more confident to apply to for jobs that required written and research skills.

I wanted to get involved with everything –

I really enjoyed getting involved with more and more aspects of uni life over the years and what to keep doing so. There are loads of things I’m planning on getting involved in that I didn’t find out about until too late, such as becoming a brand ambassador. My course has few contact hours which means it’s the last time in my life that I would be free enough to get involved in everything I wanted to – whether that’s uni societies, volunteering, part time work, sports or hobbies.

I have way too many fancy dress costumes to leave uni now –

(Kidding) but enjoying uni life is a valid point.

Have you decided to do an MA? Already doing one? Think it sounds terrifying? Let me know xx

Review – Lush Roots

This product was on my August Wish List and I’ve used it quite a few times since I bought it so thought it was time to give it a review! I’ve been using it around once or twice a week for about a month now.

To start off with I have to say that, like all Lush products, it smells divine. The scent is quite minty – though in a pleasant way rather than a mouth wash-y way. It has a really thick texture, almost like body butter or something but slightly slimier and comes in a pot shaped a bit like a mini ice cream tub. It costs around a tenner but lasts for ages so I’d say it’s worth it.

The Lush website says that the product is supposed to stimulate your scalp and hair follicles and then moisturise your roots. I personally think that my hair has grown faster then it usually does – thought this is probably a combination of getting my hair cut more regularly recently as well as using Roots. I can definitely feel my head tingling in a nice way while it’s on and massaging your head once it’s covered feels quite relaxing – I tend to put it on and then chill in front of Netflix while it’s doing its thing.
It also makes my roots really soft and shiny which is good because I don’t normally condition my hair that far up with my regular conditioner.

One negative point is that it’s quite tricky to put it on. You’re supposed to apply it to your  scalp and roots while your hair is dry and then massage it in for 20 minutes. This sounds relatively simple however I found it quite tricky to get it all over my head without all my hair getting in the way. Don’t get me wrong – I’d always get there in the end, it’s just probably much easier if you have shorter hair. It’s also quite sticky.

It also says it’s supposed to stop your hair falling out but I still seem to leave a trail literally everywhere I go. Maybe that takes time though, or I just need to stop brushing my hair every five seconds…

As always with Lush products, Roots is not tested on animals and was handmade using fresh ingredients. You can buy it here.

Was this helpful? Have you tried Roots or any other Lush products lately? Let me know in the comments! xx

OOTD | #1

Welcome to my first OOTD (outfit of the day) post! I’ve been wanting to do one of these for ages but the other day was the first time that I was wearing a nice outfit AND had a tidy room to take the pictures in. (I’m not the tidiest girl in the world, I have to admit). This is the sort of thing I’d wear on a daily basis while shopping, hanging out or going to uni (minus the heels – they’re new so I’ll see how I go!) Everything I’m wearing here is still in store if you fancy copying the look.

The Long sleeved, cropped top and black A line skirt are both from New Look (their Autumn range is killing it right now) and were seriously affordable – I think I picked up for about £20ish combined. The sleeves of the top are a bit short on me (I’m super tall) but I don’t think it looks too bad – I roll them up a lot of the time. The skirt has a kind of faux suede texture and a zip which goes all the way down and it has pockets – what more could a girl want? The skirt has become such a staple in my wardrobe that I probably wear it at least once a week as it pretty much goes with everything and is super comfy. The neutral colours of the two mean they’re both really versatile and the cropped length of the top mean that it fits super well with all things high waisted. My only slight issue is that the skirt sizes come up a little big so I’d definitely try it on before buying or order a size down. (I’m normally an 8/10 but the 8 that I own is too big).

The boots – I’d been looking at chelsea boots online for ages (at one stage I literally had about 30 different tabs open with basically the same shoe). A similar Topshop pair were on my Autumn Wish List post, however these ones are from Primark. They’re slightly smarter than a lot of chelsea boots and probably a bit higher than I can cope with on a daily basis but they’re just so pretty I couldn’t resist. These are also a kind of faux suede material. They cost £18 compared to the Topshop ones which were almost £40 which also helped.

The neutral greys and blacks also mean that I’m 100% free to wear whatever colour makeup I like – a dark red lip would look just as well as a purple. It also means I’m free to throw on whatever colour scarf/jumper/cardigan I’ve got to hand when I’m rushing out the door. I’ll definitely be wearing this outfit repeatedly over the next few months until it gets so cold I just have to wander around in my duvet instead.

What do you think? Do you like the outfit? Absolutely hate it? Want to buy any of the clothes? Have any tips/requests for future OOTD posts? Let me know in the comments xx

What I’m Thinking When I Get The Train

I can’t drive so I have to get the train everywhere. I have spent hours and hours on these things during my life and while first class sounds super fancy, I’ve never had the pleasure. So here’s what I’m thinking when I have to use trains – and no it isn’t happy thoughts.

1. I hope the train isn’t delayed

2. Damnit the train IS delayed
3. I hope it doesn’t rain while I’m waiting
4. Brilliant, it’s raining.
5. I hope I find a seat
6. What’s this weird stain on my seat?
7. I hope it isn’t pee
8. It’s probably pee
9. I hope nobody sits next to me
10. No, no, no. no, ah man.
11. Don’t make eye contact.
12. Oh no, I thought that was a chair leg, We’ve been playing footsie for the past 20 minutes?! Awkward.
13. Why are you screaming down the phone?!
14. Stop. Screaming. Down. The. Phone.
15. Yes, they lost signal!
16. Ah man, I don’t have any signal either
17. How can I take selfies without people noticing?
18. I hope that baby stops crying
19. I hope that other baby stops crying
20. Why has the train stopped?
21. Move train!
22. Oh good, we’re moving again
23. I hope the ticket person doesn’t come, I can’t be bothered to get it out my bag
24. Nobody even checked my ticket, what a waste of money!

25. Why won’t the door open?!

26. Oh the light isn’t showing, my bad

27. I wonder if anybody has ever forgotten to mind the gap…

28. Freedom!

I don’t even know if this is interesting but I probably have the exact train of thought every single time. It’s always worth it for the destination though, obviously.

Do you go through this too? What are your thoughts on getting the train?

Halloween Wish List

Halloween is one of my favourite days/nights of the year, I love the costumes, the makeup, the pumpkin carving, the decorations, all of it! While I love to go really hard on my actual costume, I also love the general Halloween themed day wear too, featuring skulls, skeletons and ghosts galore! Enjoy.

Click on the product names to be linked to them. The pictures are from the stores sites so click through the linked names in order to find the original pictures and purchase the items!

ASOS Halloween Shorts with Skeleton Hands £15.00

These shorts are the cutest things ever, I feel like they’re perfect if you want to look like you’ve made an effort for the Halloween party but don’t want to look like Lindsay did rocking her fake teeth/wedding dress look in Mean Girls. Pair them with a dark lip and slightly more eyeliner than usual and you’re basically in full costume (ish).

Ann Summers Cat Ears £5.00

These ears are adorable! The delicate lace makes them far off the big fluffy ones I wore as a child and makes them look ultra sophisticated – or as sophisticated as you can look in cat ears. Great for wearing in the office or at uni/school if you’re not actually allowed to wear a costume.

Topshop Misfits Cold Shoulder Tee £25.00

I like this top because while the skeleton hands make it Halloween appropriate, it’s also understated enough to wear for the rest of the season too. The grey marl colour is one of my favourites with the cut out shoulders adding a bit of detail. This is really for the people who don’t do costumes and is a welcome step up from those plain t shirts that just say ‘this is my costume’.

Topshop Boo Ghost Iphone 6 Case £8.00

Another Topshop pick – not an outfit but how can you not fall in love with these adorable little ghosts?! Basically a must have, only to be replaced when it’s time to cover your phone in adorable reindeer instead.

Miss Selfridge Lace Bardot Bodycon Dress £45.00

The most expensive item on my wish list – this dress is definitely not an only-wear-it-once item, but why would anybody only want to wear this beauty once? The lace off the shoulder sleeves make it look fancy and gothic and perfect if you want to focus on your make up while still looking good in your outfit.

H&M Leopard Print Catsuit £12.99

This is the most Halloween-y piece on my wish list and is probably the only one which could be considered an actual costume. It’s mostly on here because I think that leopard make up looks super impressive and this playsuit is cheap and looks super comfy, not to mention the sleeves meaning I won’t freeze to death while travelling to wherever I’m headed for the night.
What do you think of these? Want to buy any of them? Know what you’re going to be for Halloween or having a panic like me? Let me know in the comments! xx