Why I Agree with the Tampon Tax

Image source – Boots UK
So recently there’s been a lot of talk about tampons continuing to be taxed because they are classified as ‘luxury, non essential’ items. (Read about it here). I’ve seen several women saying that they disagree with this and in response I’ve felt compelled to write this post, reasoning just how wrong these women are.

I’ve got no idea what all these women are complaining about – of course tampons are a luxury! I don’t know about you but each month I look forward to the magical time I get to crack out a box of these beauties, wondering which brand and type I’ll get to enjoy next. Applicator, non applicator, pearl, regular? It’s like Christmas with all the choice available! Just thinking about them now is putting me in a good mood.
And women saying that tampons are essential? Lies! Loads of women choose to go without using tampons and just wander around dripping blood! It’s totally socially acceptable in England! What man would be grossed out by this? None of them. Those loveable upper class men in parliament are all about women being free and confident enough to embrace their natural state. Women are never judged on their appearance anyway so it’s hardly an issue, duh.
And let’s not forget what brilliant luxury presents they make, I always make sure to buy all my best friends a box of oh-so-luxury tampons as presents- though only on special occasions obviously – these frivolous items aren’t cheap. Frankly tampons are such a luxury sometimes I don’t even feel compelled to wrap up the box or put on a bow or anything – they’re fancy enough as it is, ribbon would just be overdoing it.
One argument I’ve heard people saying is that it’s unfair to tax tampons because no essential male products are taxed so it’s really just taxing women for being women. Let’s be honest though, saying that there aren’t male exclusive products that are taxed too is ridiculous! There’s… errrm … shoes! Women don’t wear shoes do they?! Or er…trousers?! Yeah, I think women only wear skirts and weird floral dresses…Exactly. Case closed. Taxing tampons as luxuries is completely justified.
Hopefully you’ve realised the sarcasm here. I think classifying tampons as a luxury product is utterly ridiculous and insanely sexist. Do you agree? Think they should be taxed? Think they’re a luxury? Think they should be free? Let me know in the comments xx

18 thoughts on “Why I Agree with the Tampon Tax

  1. I've been following a signing a petition to stop tampon tax for a very long time, following the story, and it seemed hopeful! Thousands of people signed, as well as wrote to their local MP's, but of course these idiotic twats just don't give two shits! Thankfully my local MP voted against taxing the tampon tax, so I feel he deserves a pat on the back for not being a total prick… it angers me so damn much! Maybe if we all freely bled they'd finally understand! What a great post, I knew from the start where this was heading, and I applaud you (: (sorry for my rant 😀 )
    Lauren xx


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