What I’m Thinking When I’m Hungover

So we’ve all been there, ‘I’ll have ONE drink’ you say confidently at 9pm, after a long Friday of working hard. Fast forward to 10am on Saturday morning when you wake up feeling like some sort elephant is standing on your head and you haven’t drank water since the Victorian era. Being hungover sucks and honestly I think I have the same thought process every single time. Here it is.

1. Need water… Need water… Oh here’s some… that wasn’t water! THAT WASN’T WATER!!

2. Better check Facebook, at least I wasn’t in any photos… Oh wait… Oh no… 43 Notifications…

3. *Remembers things I did and said last night* *Curls up into ball*

4. Is to acceptable to order a pizza at 3pm?

5. Why did I send so many Snapchats last night? What were they even of?!

6. How did I get all these bruises?!

7. Need. More. Sleep.

8. Why is everything sticky?

9. My mouth feels like a desert

10. *Drinks water* *Feels more sick* How? Why?


12. *Is too dehydrated to cry about hangover*

13. Maybe if I eat this piece of fruit all its healthy goodness with cure me… Nope.

14. So. Many Regrets.

15. I wonder if I can call the police and ask them for a greasy fry up because it feels like an emergency to me.. No? Okay then…

16. I’m never drinking again


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