Veggie Pizzas | Food Inspo #1

I’m starting a new blogging mini series type thing! You know that frustrating feeling that you get when you’re hungry but you can’t think of anything you want to eat? Well I thought I’d help to counter it by occasionally posting some of my veggie meals for inspiration. While these aren’t all going to be recipes as such, (because I rarely properly cook from scratch) I’ll explain how to make them or tweak them to get them just perfect. Doing this will also hopefully motivate me to start cooking better meals and eating slightly more healthily, which is always a positive!
So, to kick things off with, I’m posting about Veggie DIY pizzas which are super cheap, quick and easy to make, not to mention seriously tasty to actually eat! Like I said before, these things aren’t complex or difficult to make and you probably can already guess how to assemble the things, but here goes anyways, just in case. 
– Pitta bread
– Tomato puree (I use double concentrate)
– Cheese (I use extra mature cheddar)
– Mushrooms
– Garlic glove
– Tomatoes (I use cherry tomatoes)
– Salt and pepper
– Smother the pitta bread in tomato puree – it has quite a strong taste so make sure the whole thing is covered but don’t spread it too thick.
– Sprinkle it with as much cheese as you fancy (I personally love cheese so put loads on)
– Chop up your mushrooms and tomatoes into small pieces and scatter them across the top.
– Take a tiny piece of the garlic glove and cut/crush it into the smallest pieces possible – garlic is really strong so you don’t want to eat big chunks of it – and place them sparingly across the pizza.
– Season with salt and pepper as you like and throw it in the oven at around 200 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until the cheese starts to bubble. 
Additional/alternative toppings – 
– Quorn
– Meat (chicken, ham, pepperoni etc)
– Peppers
– Pineapple
– Extra cheeses (mozarella, red leicester etc)
Serving suggestions – 
– Add kettle crisps and a side salad
– Add homemade chips and cooked veg
What did you think? Like the idea of food inspiration or think it’s boring? Think semi obvious recipes like this are just patronising or do work as food inspo? Fancy making this? Already made it? Let me know in the comments! xx

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