17 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger


I think if we’re all being honest, a future version of ourselves coming back and telling us to not do all the cringey things we do/did would be pretty damn helpful. While that isn’t actually possible, I thought it would be fun to think of all the things I’d tell myself if I actually did have the chance. Hopefully you’ll relate to a few.

1. Telling people ‘I’m not a child I’m nearly 15!!’ doesn’t sound as impressive or mature as you think it does.

2. Vegetables are not the enemy (they’re just a bit gross).

3. Googling your symptoms is a TERRIBLE idea. No that paper cut is not finger cancer.

4. You aren’t too fat/thin/tall/short/ugly/weird/annoying. Chill.

5. No, your hair will not grow 6 inches longer over night – please don’t get bored and cut it off yourself for fun (!!)

6. Logging in and out of MSN to get that guy’s attention is NOT playing it casual.

7. Wear what you feel comfortable in – not wearing a coat while it’s SNOWING because you think you look cuter in just your t-shirt isn’t worth 2 weeks with a cold or the ‘I told you so’ speech from your dad.

8. Don’t be mean to people – you don’t know what they’re going through.

9. And even if they aren’t going through anything, you should still be nice anyway, duh.

10. Start thinking of what you want to do as a career now- leaving it ’til you’re 21 is so not a good plan…

11. Appreciate all those weird themed birthday parties your mum throws, nobody cares as much once you’ve turned 18.

12. You’re never going to look like a super model, and that’s okay.

13. (Models don’t even really like models, photoshop is definitely helping them out).

14. No, everybody does not secretly hate you.

15. Exams are important, but they aren’t life and death. Breathe.

16. Your health is what’s the most important (physical and mental).

17. Boys are the worst, just ignore them and hopefully they’ll go away.

*(A selfie I found on my old Myspace – those things were waaay harder without front facing cameras… cringe.)

Think you needed to be told any of these? Think they’re all totally wrong? Judging my horrendous selfie? Let me know in the comments! xx


9 thoughts on “17 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

  1. It took me so long to learn number 7! I used to hate wearing coats in winter because I thought they made me look chunky and I never used to wear proper boots either because I thought they were ugly, lol.
    Now I'm all about the sensible, weather appropriate clothes!

    I also took school way too seriously, I wish I had realised that no one asks you about your high school grades after you apply to uni!

    roisinfarmer.co.uk | Lifestyle, Beauty etc.


  2. Aww this post is ace and made me smile so much !! 1 and 3 had me giggling to myself and remembering “bratty” times in my teen years, and thinking I was having serious health issues when I suffered indigestion (Haha).
    Great post girl !
    Saira X
    Throughtheglitterglass.wordpress.com xxx


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