Book Review – The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat

Review – The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat – Oliver Sacks 

This is my first book review, yay! I always said I was going to write book reviews for my blog but although I’ve read quite a few since starting it, I’ve never actually gotten around to it before now. Sorry! Hopefully this will be the first of many though.

Okay, so this is a non fiction book (it’s factual and not made up)* written by a neurologist and is about people with ‘broken minds’. While this might not necessarily sound that interesting or like the typical book you’d enjoy when you first hear it, it definitely is.

Sacks talks about patients over the years who have had their minds altered in various ways, from a man who literally thought his wife’s head was a hat to a patient who tried to throw his own leg out of the bed – not realising it was attached to him. Each story is really interesting, shocking and saddening. A lot of the issues I personally hadn’t even thought possible before – who knew you could lose the ability to move your limbs without looking at them?! Trust me, every time you finish a new case you’ll be running around retelling it to all your friends and family.

The book definitely made me feel greatful and even a bit guilty for not appreciating how easy my life is compared to all these people – my getting stressed about not looking like a VS model is hardly comparable to somebody forgetting the previous 40 years of their life.

One of the best things about the book is that because each case is pretty separate to the others (apart from a few overlapping things) you can easily just read a couple of the chapters or stop reading it for a while and then go back to it – without fear of forgetting the plot.

Essentially, whether you’re interested in science and psychology or not, you might be surprised by how much you enjoy this book. If you want to know anything else about it just leave a comment or Tweet me or something!

*Sorry if that’s patronising, I know a lot of people get them mixed up and didn’t want to confuse anyone!

Did you enjoy this review and want me to write more? Or hate it? Have you read this book? Think you want to read it? Think it sounds awful? So many questions. Let me know in the comments! xx


When Facebook Makes You Sad

First of all I just want to apologise for being a bit of a useless blogger lately – apparently doing a masters in history is less glitter and fairies and more being crushed under a pile of very heavy, old books.

So, I thought I’d get back into the whole blogging thing by talking about one thing that’s been stressing me out lately, and that’s having a serious case of FOMO.  (fear of missing out) If you don’t like posts that are slightly soppy and feel good you might want to stop reading now – you’ve been warned.

Here’s the gist of what I’m feeling: When I’m chilling in the library with zero makeup on, ugly clothes (with questionable stain) and a 20,000 word dissertation due, everyone else on social media seems to be having the time of their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love doing the reading and stuff for my degree, but when my timelines are full of people who look seriously hot in their selfies, seem to be at some awesome party every night and are tweeting about how they’ve booked 3 weeks in Bruges with their fiancé, I start to feel a bit like a mouldy potato (a mouldy potato that is definitely not flying off to Bruges any time soon). The whole thing is probably not helped by the fact that I’m constantly sleep deprived, overworked and drink those 30p energy  drinks that you hear scare stories about, but still.

However, while it is true that I spend way too long in the library for somebody that isn’t actually a librarian, and that other people look better in selfies than I do, what we see on social media is far from the reality.

Let’s be honest, the selfie that your FB friend just posted wasn’t taken when they just woke up, in harsh lighting, with zero makeup and no filter. It probably wasn’t the first take either, or the second… While I’m lying in bed after being awake for approximately 8 seconds looking at my phone, with 4 chins and my hair tied up in some kind of failed ponytail, thinking wow I look so hideous compared to her, I’m not really being fair to myself.  I mean, I’m no supermodel and probably would have faired better in an era where I wasn’t supposed to look magically photoshopped IRL (I mean seriously universe?!). Comparing myself to these selfies is basically like rolling up to a test after not revising and comparing my results to somebody that did loads of prep (and then probably told everyone that they totally didn’t revise either). Comparing yourself at your worst to somebody else at their best just isn’t realistic or fair.

Selfie take no. 987646587980453 ft. makeup to make me look less gross

It’s the same with people’s plans and stuff too. Do you post a status on Facebook every time you spend the day working on your essay or when you spend 8 hours straight watching Netflix? Do you take your Instagram selfies in the pyjamas that have toothpaste on them and caption it ‘I’ve just been soooooo bored today and also I don’t know where my life is going and I accidentally drank gone off milk and now I feel kinda sick’? Probably not, and neither does anyone else.

Just because people don’t post about how they feel self conscious about their nose, feel like they’re drifting away from their friends and are worried about their grades slipping, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, it just means they don’t want to publicise it. In all honesty there are probably loads of people out there jealous of what you have, wishing their life was as together as yours or wondering how the hell your winged eyeliner always looks so damn fierce.

So yeah, strange soppy rant hybrid over. Next time you find yourself staring at other people’s  social media accounts and feeling like you’re inferior or whatever, just remind yourself that things aren’t always what they seem. And if you still feel rubbish, DM me and I’ll send you GIFs until all you can think about are kittens and Italian food.

Does social media ever make you feel down? Think I’m just being overly sensitive? Do you hate my attempt at being serious and mushy? Leave a comment! xx

What I’m Thinking When I’m Hungover

So we’ve all been there, ‘I’ll have ONE drink’ you say confidently at 9pm, after a long Friday of working hard. Fast forward to 10am on Saturday morning when you wake up feeling like some sort elephant is standing on your head and you haven’t drank water since the Victorian era. Being hungover sucks and honestly I think I have the same thought process every single time. Here it is.

1. Need water… Need water… Oh here’s some… that wasn’t water! THAT WASN’T WATER!!

2. Better check Facebook, at least I wasn’t in any photos… Oh wait… Oh no… 43 Notifications…

3. *Remembers things I did and said last night* *Curls up into ball*

4. Is to acceptable to order a pizza at 3pm?

5. Why did I send so many Snapchats last night? What were they even of?!

6. How did I get all these bruises?!

7. Need. More. Sleep.

8. Why is everything sticky?

9. My mouth feels like a desert

10. *Drinks water* *Feels more sick* How? Why?


12. *Is too dehydrated to cry about hangover*

13. Maybe if I eat this piece of fruit all its healthy goodness with cure me… Nope.

14. So. Many Regrets.

15. I wonder if I can call the police and ask them for a greasy fry up because it feels like an emergency to me.. No? Okay then…

16. I’m never drinking again

Veggie Pizzas | Food Inspo #1

I’m starting a new blogging mini series type thing! You know that frustrating feeling that you get when you’re hungry but you can’t think of anything you want to eat? Well I thought I’d help to counter it by occasionally posting some of my veggie meals for inspiration. While these aren’t all going to be recipes as such, (because I rarely properly cook from scratch) I’ll explain how to make them or tweak them to get them just perfect. Doing this will also hopefully motivate me to start cooking better meals and eating slightly more healthily, which is always a positive!
So, to kick things off with, I’m posting about Veggie DIY pizzas which are super cheap, quick and easy to make, not to mention seriously tasty to actually eat! Like I said before, these things aren’t complex or difficult to make and you probably can already guess how to assemble the things, but here goes anyways, just in case. 
– Pitta bread
– Tomato puree (I use double concentrate)
– Cheese (I use extra mature cheddar)
– Mushrooms
– Garlic glove
– Tomatoes (I use cherry tomatoes)
– Salt and pepper
– Smother the pitta bread in tomato puree – it has quite a strong taste so make sure the whole thing is covered but don’t spread it too thick.
– Sprinkle it with as much cheese as you fancy (I personally love cheese so put loads on)
– Chop up your mushrooms and tomatoes into small pieces and scatter them across the top.
– Take a tiny piece of the garlic glove and cut/crush it into the smallest pieces possible – garlic is really strong so you don’t want to eat big chunks of it – and place them sparingly across the pizza.
– Season with salt and pepper as you like and throw it in the oven at around 200 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until the cheese starts to bubble. 
Additional/alternative toppings – 
– Quorn
– Meat (chicken, ham, pepperoni etc)
– Peppers
– Pineapple
– Extra cheeses (mozarella, red leicester etc)
Serving suggestions – 
– Add kettle crisps and a side salad
– Add homemade chips and cooked veg
What did you think? Like the idea of food inspiration or think it’s boring? Think semi obvious recipes like this are just patronising or do work as food inspo? Fancy making this? Already made it? Let me know in the comments! xx

How (Not) to Flirt with Women

Okay so I’m pretty sure almost all women have been hit on by creepy guys at least once in their lives and sadly probably many, many more times. While most of these guys are genuinely nice and friendly sadly some of them are just seriously creepy in their bizarre attempts to score a date or whatever else they’re after. I thought I’d put together a guide of how* to flirt with women, to help out all those guys in need.

1. Slowly cruise by in your car shouting things like ‘hey sexy’ and ‘damn girl’

2. Ruffle her hair – bonus points if she’s obviously spent ages styling it

3. Tell her she looks tired/ill when she isn’t wearing makeup – we love being told our natural state looks ugly


5. Tell her hilarious jokes like ‘women belong in the kitchen’ and ‘make me a sandwich’ – all the LOLs

6. Insist on buying her a drink/dinner and then keep making ‘jokes’ about how she owes you

7. Grab her butt without permission – ooh strangers sexually assaulting us is so hot

8. ‘You’re not one of those feminazis are you?’

9. Swagger over to her drunk and then immediately spill your drink down her, we love smelling like beer and having a big yellow stain down our dress, so chic

10. Ask us on a date and then play on your phone aaaaallllll the way through it. What’s insulting about you preferring to  stalk some other girl’s Instagram rather than talk to us? Nothing.

11. ‘Oh so you’re a lesbian? You just haven’t met the right guy yet, let me change that…’

12. ‘You’re kinda cute’ ‘I’m not interested sorry’ ‘GOOD BECAUSE YOU’RE UGLY AND FAT ANYWAY’

13. SEND HER DICK PICS! There is nothing we like more than having these monstrosities beautiful things thrust into our inboxes with no warning or consent. Who wouldn’t want to see one glaring at them when they casually check their phone on a Tuesday evening? Weirdos, that’s who.

14. Set ‘Blurred Lines’ as your ringtone, it sends out allll the right signals and doesn’t sound rape-y at all.

15. Actually, make sure you quote Robin Thicke as often as possible – he makes us feel safe, we’re way more likely to go home with you if you’re telling us things like ‘I know you want it’ *shivers*

16. If she doesn’t reply to your first text in 2 minutes, send another one, keep repeating until she sends you nudes. Send 200 ‘hey sexy ;)’s if you have to. We love this kind of persistence and it isn’t creepy and or obsessive at all. Never. Give. Up.

17. Tell her you only shower once a week and think deodorant is overrated, we like our men rough ‘n’ ready, none of that new age shower gel malarky.

18. If you’ve followed all the steps you should be WELL in there by now. Finish off by proposing and  going on Don’t Tell the Bride (don’t forget to include everything she hates and not inviting any of her friends/relatives). Consider choosing her an orange wedding dress, we like to be original.


*not. (please don’t ever do any of these things to anyone ever)

What do you think? Have you had any guys do/say any of these to you? Think these are actually exactly the kind of ways you like guys to come onto you? (please say no!) Got any funny dating stories? Let me know in the comments! xx

17 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger


I think if we’re all being honest, a future version of ourselves coming back and telling us to not do all the cringey things we do/did would be pretty damn helpful. While that isn’t actually possible, I thought it would be fun to think of all the things I’d tell myself if I actually did have the chance. Hopefully you’ll relate to a few.

1. Telling people ‘I’m not a child I’m nearly 15!!’ doesn’t sound as impressive or mature as you think it does.

2. Vegetables are not the enemy (they’re just a bit gross).

3. Googling your symptoms is a TERRIBLE idea. No that paper cut is not finger cancer.

4. You aren’t too fat/thin/tall/short/ugly/weird/annoying. Chill.

5. No, your hair will not grow 6 inches longer over night – please don’t get bored and cut it off yourself for fun (!!)

6. Logging in and out of MSN to get that guy’s attention is NOT playing it casual.

7. Wear what you feel comfortable in – not wearing a coat while it’s SNOWING because you think you look cuter in just your t-shirt isn’t worth 2 weeks with a cold or the ‘I told you so’ speech from your dad.

8. Don’t be mean to people – you don’t know what they’re going through.

9. And even if they aren’t going through anything, you should still be nice anyway, duh.

10. Start thinking of what you want to do as a career now- leaving it ’til you’re 21 is so not a good plan…

11. Appreciate all those weird themed birthday parties your mum throws, nobody cares as much once you’ve turned 18.

12. You’re never going to look like a super model, and that’s okay.

13. (Models don’t even really like models, photoshop is definitely helping them out).

14. No, everybody does not secretly hate you.

15. Exams are important, but they aren’t life and death. Breathe.

16. Your health is what’s the most important (physical and mental).

17. Boys are the worst, just ignore them and hopefully they’ll go away.

*(A selfie I found on my old Myspace – those things were waaay harder without front facing cameras… cringe.)

Think you needed to be told any of these? Think they’re all totally wrong? Judging my horrendous selfie? Let me know in the comments! xx

Why I Agree with the Tampon Tax

Image source – Boots UK
So recently there’s been a lot of talk about tampons continuing to be taxed because they are classified as ‘luxury, non essential’ items. (Read about it here). I’ve seen several women saying that they disagree with this and in response I’ve felt compelled to write this post, reasoning just how wrong these women are.

I’ve got no idea what all these women are complaining about – of course tampons are a luxury! I don’t know about you but each month I look forward to the magical time I get to crack out a box of these beauties, wondering which brand and type I’ll get to enjoy next. Applicator, non applicator, pearl, regular? It’s like Christmas with all the choice available! Just thinking about them now is putting me in a good mood.
And women saying that tampons are essential? Lies! Loads of women choose to go without using tampons and just wander around dripping blood! It’s totally socially acceptable in England! What man would be grossed out by this? None of them. Those loveable upper class men in parliament are all about women being free and confident enough to embrace their natural state. Women are never judged on their appearance anyway so it’s hardly an issue, duh.
And let’s not forget what brilliant luxury presents they make, I always make sure to buy all my best friends a box of oh-so-luxury tampons as presents- though only on special occasions obviously – these frivolous items aren’t cheap. Frankly tampons are such a luxury sometimes I don’t even feel compelled to wrap up the box or put on a bow or anything – they’re fancy enough as it is, ribbon would just be overdoing it.
One argument I’ve heard people saying is that it’s unfair to tax tampons because no essential male products are taxed so it’s really just taxing women for being women. Let’s be honest though, saying that there aren’t male exclusive products that are taxed too is ridiculous! There’s… errrm … shoes! Women don’t wear shoes do they?! Or er…trousers?! Yeah, I think women only wear skirts and weird floral dresses…Exactly. Case closed. Taxing tampons as luxuries is completely justified.
Hopefully you’ve realised the sarcasm here. I think classifying tampons as a luxury product is utterly ridiculous and insanely sexist. Do you agree? Think they should be taxed? Think they’re a luxury? Think they should be free? Let me know in the comments xx